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New Patient Appointment


Your First Appointment

We are always delighted to welcome new patients to our practice and you will receive a warm and friendly reception from our team.

At this visit we will take all medical details and discuss with you any concerns you may have about the health and appearance of your mouth, teeth and gums. We will then carry out a thorough examination of your jaw joints, all the soft tissues in your mouth, your teeth and gums. This will include any X-rays needed and photos of any problem areas.

We can then have an informative chat with you to discuss our findings. Should you require treatment we will be happy to discuss your options and personal preferences in order to offer the most suitable treatment for your personal needs.

Your first visit would normally take an hour.


01685 876151

We Are Ready To Serve Your Various Dental Problems

We treat our patients as gently as possible and will always explain any treatment options they may have so they can make an informed decision based on their needs, their lifestyle and their budget.

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